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Modern Slavery PEC Email Group

New platform for professionals working in the anti-slavery field to come together and collaborate

Published: 26th October 2020

Modern slavery can only be solved if people work together. However, there’s a gap that exists between the high-quality academic research and the world of policymaking and law-making, as well as frontline work with people directly affected by modern slavery.

Collaboration is one of the fundamental values that guide the work of the Modern Slavery and Human Rights Policy and Evidence Centre (Modern Slavery PEC). We strive to create relevant connections between partners to build on our collective knowledge and make progress. We aim to build an inclusive network of networks to facilitate new collaborations capable of generating innovative solutions to modern slavery.

This is why we invite all professionals working in the anti-slavery field to our Google Group, an email list to enable people working on modern slavery to connect with their peers at a click of a button.

The Modern Slavery PEC Group will enable members to ask questions, look for solutions to problems they’re grappling with, start conversations or invite others to work together on projects or just talk about their work.

Everyone in the Group will be able to email all other members and everyone can respond either on the forum or privately.

The Google Group is not the way to keep up to date with the work of the Modern Slavery PEC – you can do that by signing up to our newsletter at the bottom of each page on our website.

We hope you can join us to create fresh conversations, generate challenging debates and develop new collaborations that will help us create a world where people are protected from modern slavery through effective, evidence-based policies.

Please note that you need to create a google account to join the Group, but you don’t need a Gmail email address to do that.

Principles of the Modern Slavery PEC Google Group:

  1. The list operates on the Chatham House rules: information and opinions may not be published with attribution unless you have the person's permission.
  2. It might seem obvious, but personal attacks or any other behaviour that might be deemed offensive will not be tolerated.
  3. Feel free to share your work, however, please avoid blatant self-promotion. You can post about your work and campaigns, but please do it in the context of collaboratively overcoming a problem connected to modern slavery and creating something new, that people can contribute to. Please avoid posting job listings, press releases, newsletters etc. We would like this list to serve as a space to come together and have conversations about the work against exploitation and modern slavery.
  4. This list is meant to be a collaborative environment. It is for its members to use, not necessarily for the Modern Slavery PEC or any other organisation. Please feel free to suggest new features, rules or changes for the group.
  5. Please note when you post to the list, you email address is available to all Modern Slavery PEC Group members.
  6. You can unsubscribe at any time by logging in and clicking the “Leave group”.

How to sign up:

You can join the list here. You might need to create a google account, but you don’t need a Gmail email address to do that.

How to post and contact other members:

The mailing group is created to facilitate conversations and create new connections. There are two ways to post to the group:

  • Send an email to modernslaverypec@googlegroups.com. Your email will go to all members.
  • Log into the Google Group, make sure you are in the Modern Slavery PEC Group and send a message using the “New Conversation” button. Your message will be sent to all members as an email.

Responding to emails and messages:

You have two ways of responding to messages.

  • Reply all – to keep the conversation going on the forum
  • Reply to individual – you can take your conversation to a private email exchange.