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How to research modern slavery better: small NGOs in research

Recording of the event from 31 January 2023 on building the capacity of smaller NGOs to partner in academic research projects

Published: 9th February 2023

Recording of the event held on 30th January 2023, organised by the Modern Slavery and Human Rights Policy and Evidence Centre (Modern Slavery PEC) on building capacity of smaller NGOs to partner on academic research projects. It's the second event of our series 'How to research modern slavery better', bringing together people from the anti-slavery sector and beyond to talk and learn from each other on ways of doing research better.

We’ve heard from smaller NGOs that they would like to take part in projects with academic researchers, but they may have limited experience of it and that they would like a better understanding of how academic research works.

So, we’ve invited two guest speakers to talk us through it: Karen Eveleigh, Senior Research Facilitator at the Law Faculty at Oxford University, talked about the institutional structures and processes inside a university; and Professor Jo Meehan from Liverpool University, who talked about how the research process works.

We’ve also included a short presentation from the Modern Slavery PEC Partnership Manager Owain Johnstone with the lessons that we at the Centre have learnt so far. You can also read our blog or watch the video of our workshop below.