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Lunchtime seminar: Linking modern slavery and climate change in the UK

Explore modern slavery research in a short and accessible way through our new lunchtime seminars.

Published: 6th February 2024

Opportunities for linking modern slavery and climate change in the UK

Wednesday 21 February 2024, 12pm (midday, UK time).

Dr Bethany (Beth) Jackson, Senior Research Fellow in Modern Slavery and Sustainable Ecosystems, Nottingham University Rights Lab.

Climate change is a global crisis that requires urgent intervention. To combat climate change, we need to address what drives it as well as protecting against its effects. Modern slavery can be both a driver of climate change and an outcome of a changing climate. But how can modern slavery and climate change be addressed together? This session will present the outcomes from a research project undertaken in 2023, alongside partners Transparentem and International Justice Mission (IJM) UK, that set out to explore how the UK (and devolved administrations in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) are currently tackling that challenge.

The seminar will explore the key findings from that project and share recommendations for how policy responses to climate change and modern slavery could be improved, including through better lived experience engagement.

This session will be of interest to anyone working on either modern slavery or climate change, or both, who is interested in better understanding the links between those two issues and how we can do more to address them together.

Modern Slavery PEC lunchtime seminar series

At the Modern Slavery PEC we believe in increasing the understanding of modern slavery, particularly through promoting the latest robust and relevant evidence in a way that is accessible to everyone.

This is why we have started a series of monthly lunchtime seminars, at which modern slavery researchers can share their latest findings with a diverse audience - everyone is welcome! The format is deliberately accessible and concise: no more than 15 minutes to present, followed by questions and discussion. Each seminar will last no longer than 45 minutes, which we hope will fit nicely into your lunch break!

We’ll be asking researchers who present to explain their findings in plain language that non-experts can easily understand, focusing on the real-world implications of their work and potential for impact on policy or practice, and, above all, on people and communities affected by modern slavery.

The seminars are open to anyone to join – you don’t have to be a researcher yourself. We encourage everyone interested to come along.

For those who can't make it, we will record the presentations and publish them on our YouTube channel and as short podcasts.

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