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Podcast: consumer attitudes towards modern slavery

The first Modern Slavery PEC podcast on the most effective ways to engage consumers in addressing modern slavery.

Published: 13th October 2021

The Modern Slavery and Human Rights Policy and Evidence Centre is pleased to present the very first episode of the Modern Slavery PEC podcast.

“On the one hand, as consumers we are implicated in modern slavery… But on the other hand consumers are also citizens and as consumer citizens we can exert considerable pressure for positive change.”

The Modern Slavery PEC Podcast is a show where we discuss evidence and research that aims to support laws and policy that protect people from modern slavery.

Throughout the series we will talk to researchers about the evidence they uncover and to those impacted by modern slavery research. We are interested in evidence that can have a practical impact on policies, laws and practice, which in turn can have a real impact on real people’s lives.

In the first episode of the Modern Slavery PEC podcast, we interview Dr Michal Carrington (University of Melbourne), Professor Andreas Chatzidakis (Royal Holloway University of London) and Professor Deirdre Shaw (University of Glasgow) on their recent research into consumer behaviours towards modern slavery. We find out why modern slavery is, or should be, an issue for consumers and practical changes that practitioners in the sector can make to maximise the effectiveness of their campaigns engaging consumers n addressing modern slavery.