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Podcast: Anti-Slavery Day, listening to people with lived experience

In the second Modern Slavery PEC podcast, we talk about listening to people with lived experience.

Published: 18th October 2021

The Modern Slavery and Human Rights Policy and Evidence Centre presents the second episode of the podcast, launched alongside Anti-Slavery Day.

I think that listening to people with lived experience is to hear not just what we want to hear from survivors but to hear what they want to share with us... I think that we need to say, "What do you want to tell us? What's most important to you?"

Dr Minh Dang

For Anti-Slavery Day we are talking about the importance of listening to people with lived experience of modern slavery.

Developing new evidence that draws directly from lived experience of survivors is key to improving the policies designed to address modern slavery. But what does it mean to listen to survivors of modern slavery? What does it mean to meaningfully include them in research and policy?

We're talking with Prof Caroline Bradbury-Jones, University of Birmingham, and Dr Minh Dang, Survivor Alliance and the Rights Lab at the University of Nottingham, about their work on mental wellbeing of adult survivors, and in the second part we're talking to Dr Patricia Hynes, University of Bedfordshire, about her work with children.