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Podcast: Transformative potential of meaningful engagement of lived experience

Podcast on equitable engagement of lived experience in modern slavery research.

Published: 15th December 2023

How can we co-create research to better align with the needs and interests of people with lived experience so that they can lead and direct it? And how can we better involve people with lived experience in the wider work addressing modern slavery?

The Modern Slavery PEC has published research providing unique insights into the transformative potential of ethically and equitably engaging with people with lived experiences of modern slavery to enhance policies and practices.

The research, led by the University of Liverpool in close collaboration with the Modern Slavery PEC, brought together a team of six consultants from communities affected by modern slavery from four different continents to co-produce six studies to address meaningful inclusion of people with lived experience in addressing issues related to modern slavery and human trafficking in very different contexts.

In this episode of the Modern Slavery PEC podcast we're talking about this research. First, we’re talking with two researchers from the University of Liverpool about the project overall and the co-production that was at the heart of it. Then we're talking with all six regional authors of individual reports about the engagement of lived experience in their contexts.

We're chatting with:

  • Allen Kiconco (University of Liverpool) and Alex Balch (University of Liverpool and Modern Slavery PEC),
  • Chris Ash (Survivor Leadership Program Manager, Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking),
  • Sutirtha Sahariah (Independent Consultant),
  • Benedetta Wasonga (Director Gender, Justice and Human Rights at the Centre for Equality Diversity and Inclusion (CEDI)),
  • Emma Christensen and Willz (Azadi Kenya team),
  • Ling Li (Independent Consultant),
  • Aké Achi (Migrants at Work).