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Modern Slavery PEC Impact Report

Modern Slavery PEC Impact Report for 2019-2022.

Published: 15th May 2023

The Modern Slavery PEC is publishing its first ever impact report, setting out what the Centre has done and achieved since it was set up in 2019. It covers around three years of its existence from 2019 until the end of 2022.

We are presenting our impact against the outcomes set out in our Theory of Change in areas including impact on policy, laws and practice, research, building partnerships and survivor inclusion.

Demonstrating the Modern Slavery PEC’s impact is complex as there are not singular metrics or indicators of success of these outcomes. As a result, we decided to publish two versions of the report. The shorter one summarises the impact of the Modern Slavery PEC since its inception in 2019 till the end of 2022, in - we hope - a brief and accessible way. The longer version goes into more detail on our approach to monitoring and evaluation, including on different ways that we understand impact we make. Both reports are based on a range of qualitative and quantitative data collected by the Centre. We have also surveyed and interviewed stakeholders, including policymakers and funded research teams.

Listening to others and learning from them is key to us improving. We have learned plenty from people we have worked with, from funded research teams to decisionmakers we are seeking to inform with the evidence we fund and produce, to people with lived experience of modern slavery. Big thank you to them all. We would also like to express thanks to our funders the Arts and Humanities Research Council (on behalf UK Research and Innovation), for actively supporting the Centre in our journey.

If you have any comments or feedback on this report, please contact Niki Kalyvides, Monitoring and Evaluation Manager at n.kalyvides@modernslaverypec.org.