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Interactive workshops for regional modern slavery partnerships

Practical interactive workshops for front line practitioners in local areas across the UK.

Published: 15th October 2020

The Wilberforce Institute, together with the Rights Lab, Gangmasters Labour and Abuse Authority, the Humber Modern Slavery Partnership and Fresca Group, have developed a package of workshops aimed at front line practitioners in local areas across the UK.

Cases of modern slavery have been identified in every part of the UK. Whilst the general awareness of modern slavery has risen in recent years, for frontline practitioners it’s not always obvious how to respond to particular situations of entrapment and exploitation. These can be very different from each other, for example, a British teenager forced to smuggle drugs will need different support to a migrant worker exploited in a factory.

It is important that people working in local organisations, from health professionals to social workers, police officers, businesses, charity and community organisation workers, know not only how to respond to potential cases, but also know who else to involve to make sure people affected get the comprehensive support they need.

This resource pack has been developed for regional Modern Slavery Partnerships to host five workshops, each aimed at a different target audience. You may choose to run all the workshops, or just a selection, depending on the current need in your region. Please feel free to run each workshop as many times as you wish.

In each workshop, the attendees work in partnership through a realistic scenario of modern slavery, allowing them to learn about current gaps and best practice in your region and to ensure a joined-up approach across the locality of your Modern Slavery Partnership. Whilst we have tried to use realistic scenarios and provide corresponding advice, the examples are illustrative and should not be seen as prescriptive.

Each workshop is accompanied by a package of handouts which simplifies the most relevant policies and legislation to help improve victim support. Whilst the workshops will be of benefit to a large range of organisations, their success rests on being undertaken alongside other local partners in order to develop the most effective, wrap-around response to modern slavery. This is why we strongly recommend using these workshops only through the regional Modern Slavery Partnerships, which can guide and coordinate local partners to a cohesive practical response.

You can download all individual training workshop resources below: