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Modern slavery in business supply chains

Research into legal regulations and best practice for businesses is crucial to ending exploitation in global supply chains.


Consumer behaviour in relation to modern slavery

Project identifying effective ways to mobilise consumers against modern slavery

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Protecting Romanian seasonal migrant workers after Covid-19

Project exploring challenges posed by the pandemic for the UK agricultural industry.

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Challenges in supply chain management posed by Covid-19

Project exploring effective methods to build firms’ commitment to addressing modern slavery in supply chains in the face of the pandemic.

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Preventing exploitation of women in Bangladesh garment industry

Project developing gender policy and accountability measures to prevent exploitation in the Bangladesh garment sector

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Impact of Covid-19 on global garment supply chains

Project exploring the implications of the pandemic for workers at risk of exploitation in garment producing countries.

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Modern slavery in Malaysian medical gloves factories

Project exploring labour issues in the medical gloves sector in Malaysia after increased pandemic demand.

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Impact of Covid-19 on Indian fashion supply chains

Project examining the impact of the pandemic on textiles and fashion industry in India

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Enabling trust, security and privacy in addressing modern slavery

Examination of barriers, incentives and opportunities to enable responsible data sharing for addressing modern slavery.

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Effectiveness of UK supply chain measures

Project evaluating the effectiveness of the Transparency in Supply Chains measures in the UK Modern Slavery Act and assessing what regulations could be considered to strengthen them.

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Modern slavery data for investors

This project focuses on the role of data in enabling investors to take action on modern slavery risks in investment portfolios.

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